First Pictures from Bangkok

First time Bangkok, first time Thailand, first time South-East-Asia… so many firsts! Arriving at a new place is interesting and intimidating at the same time. Will it be safe? Will I like it? Will I[…]

South-East-Asia: Let the Adventure Begin!

Another phase of the adventure that is my life is about to begin: South-East-Asia! It’s time to turn my back on the European winter and spend what’s left of it in warmer climates. Tomorrow morning[…]

The Little Green Brother of the Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know that the most famous bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, has a little, green brother? The two must have been separated at some point of time, though,[…]

How to Publish Photos Directly from Lightroom to Facebook…even to Fan Pages

The other day I wrote about how you can publish your photos directly from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress using the Dossier de Press. But what if you have a Facebook page associated with your WordPress[…]

Cortona – Mother of Rome

My very first assignment as a pet sitter brought me to Cortona, in Tuscany, Italy, close to the border to Umbria. I was supposed to look after a very people shy, elderly cat, who had[…]