I’m a full-time traveler. With this blog, I’m inviting you to come along on my adventures.

So…what is this blog about??

Well, more than anything, this blog is about beautiful photos. Here I will publish photos of mine I consider well done and beautiful or somehow remarkable.

Then…who am I?

I consider myself an aspiring photographer. Truth told, just a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have dared to publish my photos. And, knowing myself, in a couple of months I’ll probably be somewhat embarrassed by the photos I’m proud of and publishing today. But I learn everyday, and I think I’m getting better. You’ll be the judge.

What I’m trying to achieve with this blog is twofold:

  1. I hope you will enjoy some of the photos I’m going to publish.
  2. If you’re an aspiring photographer like I am, I hope to be able to take you along on my journey of learning. Hence the Photography Tips. They’re not meant as a full blown photography course, but more bits and pieces that occur to me I’d like to share with you.

So…what about the bike then (the vagabond with a bike, remember?)? Well, the three things I truly love in live is travel, photography and riding my road bike in beautiful nature or interesting cities.

But you know what? This blog will be nothing, without YOU. I’m counting on YOU to participate by commenting my posts and photos! If you think my photos suck, tell me (but please be gentle!)! If you think they’re great, let me know that, too! And if you have a use for one of my photos, then let me know, I’m sure we can work something out!