Cortona – Mother of Rome

My very first assignment as a pet sitter brought me to Cortona, in Tuscany, Italy, close to the border to Umbria. I was supposed to look after a very people shy, elderly cat, who had[…]

The Star of Tuscany: Florence

My photo tour in Florence was kind of an experiment: With AirBnB I had found accommodation about 20 km outside of Florence and I wanted to go on a photo tour with my bicycle, but[…]

A Tuscan Jewel: Siena

During my recent stay in Tuscany I was able to sneak in a half-day trip to Siena. One of the main attractions in Siena is the cathedral, or duomo. Completed in 1380 A.D., it used[…]

Dramatic Skies over Vicenza

The advantage of staying longer time at a particular place is that you can wait. Wait for the right point of time. Wait for the day when the light is as it only is once[…]

A Summer in Vicenza

One of the crazy circumstances that determine my course of life these days had me be stranded in Vicenza over the summer. I only wanted to check-in with an old friend of mine, and I[…]

Basilica Palladiana: A Giant in the Heart of Vicenza

Right in the heart of Vicenza, at the Piazza dei Signori thrones the Basilica Palladiana. It’s actually, and has never been a clerical building, a church or basilica, but rather a Pallazo, a palace. But the[…]