Publish Photos Directly from Lightroom to WordPress

I take a lot of photos, which I always shoot in RAW, and I shoot a lot of HDR pictures, which results in an even higher number of photos, and I certainly don’t want to keep JPG copies, especially not lower resolution versions of JPG copies of my pictures on my hard drive, so I use Lightroom to, among many other things, organize and optimize my photos, and I was looking for a way to directly upload pictures in lower resolution from Lightroom to WordPress. Turns out that there are a couple of solutions available, which are described in great detail in this article. Both options described cost money, but it also mentions a Lightroom plugin called Dossier de Press (French for “press kit”) by Luc Renambot’s. Luc’s plugin has two main advantages: It’s free, and it works! After installing the plugin and configuring the login credentials for your Wordpress site in Lightroom, you just select which pictures you want to publish to WordPress, you export them as you would if you wanted to store lower resolution JPGs on your hard drive and, but you just pick Dossier de Press, you pick resolution, watermark as usual and…”Voilà!” (to stick with the french), your pictures will be uploaded to the WordPress media library!

PS: Make sure you limit the resolution of the pics you export from Lightroom, otherwise Dossier de Presse will ‘cuss you out in French….just kidding…but you will get error messages that are not very helpful…could as well be French…or double-dutch…you got the message.

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