A Summer in Vicenza

Vicenza-5.jpg Vicenza-4.jpg Vicenza-3.jpg Vicenza-2.jpg Vicenza-5.jpg Vicenza-4.jpg Vicenza-3.jpg Vicenza-2.jpg Vicenza-1.jpg Vicenza-6.jpgOne of the crazy circumstances that determine my course of life these days had me be stranded in Vicenza over the summer. I only wanted to check-in with an old friend of mine, and I ended up staying the rest of the summer.

Vicenza is a charming city in Northern-Italy, at the southern edge of the Alps,which doesn’t get many international tourists, maybe because it has a bit of a hard time establishing itself in the shadow of Venice, which is only a train hour away.

Vicenza has plenty to offer, though. It’s ancient city center had been entlisted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO 1993.

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