South-East-Asia: Let the Adventure Begin!

Another phase of the adventure that is my life is about to begin: South-East-Asia!
It’s time to turn my back on the European winter and spend what’s left of it in warmer climates. Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to Bangkok, Thailand, where I’ll be staying a week, and then…well, then I’ll see where to go next. My return flight is in about 4 months, and I plan to dump my winter clothes once I arrive in Bangkok…a winter coat, anyone??
In March I have a pet sitting assignment in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand, and I’ve been told by my host that the area is great for bicycling…fantastic news for the Vagabond with A Bike!
I hope to also visit Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar….a lot of plans, we’ll see what of that will turn out. I’m not in a hurry. This week I saw an interesting report on TV: The Mekong on 50 boats. This guy headed up the Mekong, the main river in South-East Asia in 50 different, mostly very tiny boats. It made me all curious and anxious. What a different world! I can’t wait to explore it.

Your Vagabond with a Bike

PS: The picture above was actually taken at the Citadella in Budapest, Hungary. Has kind of an Asian feel to it, doesn’t it?

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