Cortona – Mother of Rome

My very first assignment as a pet sitter brought me to Cortona, in Tuscany, Italy, close to the border to Umbria. I was supposed to look after a very people shy, elderly cat, who had[…]

About Hopeless Pictures

Sometimes I shoot pictures and I know “this one is not going to turn out…”. “So why are you still shooting it, then?” you might ask. Well, good question. Maybe I just have the itchy[…]

The Beauty of RAW: You can modify the White Balance

Often I sense a lot of hesitation among people who have just started with DSLR photography to shoot in RAW. They’re used to their digital point & shoot cameras or cell phones generating JPGs and[…]

Killer Bokeh with my New f/1.8 Lense

While sipping a hot chocolate with lavender in the infamous cafe Gerbaud in Budapest, I could’t resist experimenting with my new ultra-fast f/1.8 lens I had purchased recently using Gerbaud’s signature cake as a guinea[…]

Publish Photos Directly from Lightroom to WordPress

I take a lot of photos, which I always shoot in RAW, and I shoot a lot of HDR pictures, which results in an even higher number of photos, and I certainly don’t want to[…]

How to Recover Photos from a Corrupted Flash Card

Having just gotten home from one of my best photo tours ever, I couldn’t wait to upload the photos to my computer and start editing, so I stick the CF memory card into my card[…]

Liberty Bridge (aka "Green Bridge")

How to Find Photo Ops in a New City

So here I am, in Budapest, all by myself. My host, Eva Kleyer, took me around on my first day, which gave me a first impression of the city. Budapest can be quite overwhelming, there[…]

Hungarian Parliament

Budapest – First Impressions

Got to Budapest a couple of days ago, today I headed out with my friend and host, Eva Kleyer, a professional tour guide. A grey afternoon early December doesn’t lend itself to taking great photos,[…]

The Star of Tuscany: Florence

My photo tour in Florence was kind of an experiment: With AirBnB I had found accommodation about 20 km outside of Florence and I wanted to go on a photo tour with my bicycle, but[…]

A Tuscan Jewel: Siena

During my recent stay in Tuscany I was able to sneak in a half-day trip to Siena. One of the main attractions in Siena is the cathedral, or duomo. Completed in 1380 A.D., it used[…]